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About Pia's On Broadway in Orangeville

Pia's on Broadway is a small lunch spot in Orangeville, ON that features the freshest, local, and seasonal ingredients. We are inspired by the cuisine of a time when things were done with a deep sense of respect for the craft of cooking. Chef Xel makes everything from scratch, from the sourdough bread, to the mayonnaise, to our famous maple rosemary salad dressing. When you join us for lunch, we are serving you nourishing, hearty, and healthy food that we have prepared with love and care. 

How We Got Here

Pia’s on Broadway is a family owned and operated lunch restaurant and special events space in every sense of the word. It was started by French-German home cook and foodie, Pia Wiesen, alongside seasoned Chef and baker, Xel Campbell. As Pia transformed the space from bakery to restaurant, Xel spent a few years working as a Chef in Toronto on the popular Ossington/Dundas strip.

While the late nights and high pressure kitchen shifts are part of every Chef’s life, Xel knew he wanted to spend more time making slower food: more in tune with the seasons, more loyal to time-tested processes. By 2012, Pia’s daughter, Laura and Chef Xel began a family of their own and moved back to Mono. They have now taken over the restaurant as Pia has retired to write cookbooks and spend time with her horses, dogs and the grandchildren: Kipp and Owynne.

While Laura raises the kids and works away at her PhD, all of the smallest details at Pia’s come together through the help of family: Pia remains a regular customer and taste-tester, while Gloria (Chef Xel’s mom) has become the official florist and interior designer in our beautiful space. Stefan, Pia’s husband and weekend sommelier, gives crucial advice on the small, curated Wine and Beer list. Our staff is also like family: our servers and kitchen staff are now close friends, and take deep pride in their work.